Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lions & Donkeys & Bunnies, oh my!

This past week we took a little vacation to Reno/Lake Tahoe. First we went to Reno for the Safari Club International convention. It's a hunters paradise full of vendors selling their most exotic hunting excursion (think Africa, Asia, Alaska, etc.) My husband, brother & Dad were in heaven! We had fun looking at the cool mounts & beautiful furs :)

Our resort was really cool for the kids. There was a huge arcade, movie theatre, driving range into a pond, sweet shop, etc.

After our safari adventures were done, we began the drive to Lake Tahoe. We stopped off in Virginia City. It's an old mining town and the stereotypical "wild west/gold rush" setting from the 1800's. The kids loved "Stinky" who walks around town all day with his donkey. We even went in a little cafe called "A little bit Cajun" & the owner just moved to the area from Sulphur..what a coincidence!

Next we made it to South Lake Tahoe. When we got there it was pretty warm and no fresh snow on the ground. We skiied the first day and were shedding layers before we made it up the lift. We even saw people skiing in shorts & short sleeves.

We dropped Anna Kate off at ski school fully anticipating a phone call to pick her up before we made it up the lift. However, all morning, despite my incessent checking of my phone & answering any strange number that called me, I never received a distress call. So at lunch, I snuck in past the "no parent allowed" sign to make sure my daughter was still in tact. Not only was she not bruised or distressed, she told me she was having FUn!! Her teacher said she quickly became the leader of the class & was a shining star (proud Mommy moment!) JD & I decided to take a peak for ourselves after lunch. We hiked past the "No visitors beyond this point" sign & hid behind trees to get a glimpse of our snow bunny. She did great! She was whizzing past her classmates & even helping up her friends that fell on their way down. Obviously she gets her talent from her coordinated father & not her mother who decided it would be fun to ski straight into a snow embankment :)

While we were out skiing, Will went with my parents snowmobiling. They said he did great & had a lot of fun!

We woke up the next morning to a blanket of WHITE! We got about 6 inches of snow that night, which made the skiing great! Anna Kate braved the much colder temps & begged to go to round 2 of ski school (we had only planned on her going one day). She advanced through level 2 & is already planning her next ski trip (or maybe Mommy is).

Will & entourage went tubing on our 2nd day of skiing. I haven't seen the pictures, but apparently he thought it was really cool!

Overall, it was a great trip.

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