Thursday, October 23, 2008

The week of sickness

Well this has been the week of sickness around our house! On Saturday Will started sounding congested again so we brought him to the doctor to find out he has a cold (after a short scare that it was pneumonia again). Anna Katharine had a runny nose over the weekend as well, so Will could have gotten the germs from his big sister.

We were all starting to feel a little better until last night Anna Katharine threw up all over my Mom, herself & Will! Then after we got home I took her temperature & she's running 101. So we are home today drinking lots of liquids, watching lots of movies and trying to nurse this family back to health! Hopefully she will not spread her latest germs to the rest of us! Tuesday was my 1st day back to work & I already had to take a sick day off today. Lots of fun!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Lynette & John's Wedding

This weekend my cousin Lynette got married in Estherwood, Louisiana. Her Dad (my Uncle Timmy) has had Lou Gerigs disease for 16 years and is confined to his home. In order to have him a part of the wedding, they decided to have the wedding in his backyard. There was not a dry eye in the place when Lynette and Aunt Mary Jane walked down the aisle. We are so thankful that Uncle Timmy was able to be there to watch his daugther get married. Will is doing much better and the doctor gave us the all clear to go out in public again. It was the first time for several of our family members to meet baby Will and the first time that we got a picture taken of us as a family of 4!!

There were so many kids at the wedding and Anna Katharine found this one little boy in particular to play with. They got bored waiting on the band to start playing and decided to provide a little entertainment of their own. I have video footage of them "dancing" as well and will attempt to upload that later.

One Month Old

I know, I know...Will is closer to 2 months than to a month now, but I am just now getting around to posting his one month old update.

At one month, Will
* rolled from stomach to back
* followed a object with his eyes & turned his head (Baboo was holding an oreo!!)
* wears size 1 diapers
* gained over 2 pounds since birth
* eats every 2-3 hours during the day
* usually wakes up 2 times a night to eat
* very laid back personality

Lazy days around the house

I found a few cute pictures of us being lazy around the house that I thought I would share...

McNeese Games

A couple weeks ago we took Will on his first outing-to a McNeese game. He only lasted one quarter before he got hungry and we went home. However, he got his first introduction to college football. I didn't get any pictures of the kids at the game, but I got a few of them decked out once we got home.

We took Will back the next week and he lasted until half time. However, this weekend my parents watched the kids so JD & I could go to the game. The Cowboys lost, so I guess we need to bring the kids back for good luck!! At this weekends, JD was asked to do the Coca Cola promotion and attempt three field goals. He made the first one, but missed the second two. I videoed the whole thing, so if I can figure out how to download and upload a video I will post it. He did good and we won a weeks worth of Coke Products.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Update on Will

Thank the LORD, Will is doing much better! Wednesday night we got a little worried because he started weezing. However, when we went for his check up yesterday his oxygen sat levels were good (which measures how much oxygen his lungs are getting). They went ahead & did a breathing treatment on him and his breathing started sounding much better. The doctor was pleased with his improvement, but sent us home with a breathing machine to use every 4 hours. For the most part he tolerates it fairly well. We are just so thankful that he is on the mend & we didn't have to spend any time in the hospital!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Please Pray for Baby Will

Today has been one of those not so fun days of motherhood. I brought Will to the doctor this morning for a rash he has had. The doctor told us that it was eczema & gave us some medicine to try. He then did a normal check up on Will-looking at eyes, ears, listening to chest, etc. When he was listening to his chest I noticed a look of concern on the doctor's face. The doctor quickly ordered a chest x-ray, CBC, and what seemed like a 1000 other tests. After a ton of nurses poking & proding Will from every angle, it was discovered that Will has "walking" pneumonia. They considered putting him in the hospital, but decided to send us home with antibiotics & a follow-up appointment tomorrow. Thankfully Will doesn't have any symptoms & has been quite a trooper today. Please pray that the antibiotics will work & tomorrow's appointment will show drastic improvement.