Thursday, July 30, 2009

Almost a year!

Yesterday, Will had his 1 year old pictures made!! I can't believe that he'll be 1 in less than a month. It seems like yesterday that I was hot, swollen & wishing time would hurry up so we could meet our little man. Now I relish every hug, coo & snuggle knowing that before long he won't want to cuddle in my arms & instead be trying to figure out what to get into next. To take a look at some of the pictures, check out These girls are fabulous. So fun & easy to work with. They took our family pics/Will's 6 month/AK 3 year old pictures a while back. Katie took the pictures yesterday & I'm so pleased with how the one's I have seen turned out. Can't wait to see all of them!

Will turned 11 months old this week & here are some of his milestones:

*Crawling & cruising everywhere!
*Can stand for a few seconds by himself
*Has 7 teeth w/ one more inching out any day
*Says da da, ma ma, duck, bye bye, dog, eat on a consistent basis. He has a few more words that are one timers (Nemo, thank you, etc.)
*Likes to be held ALL THE TIME now. He does not like to be put down at all!
*Can climb up stairs (Gives me a heart attack when he sneaks away to try this!)
*His hair has really lightened up lately & gets super curly when it's wet
*LOVES the water & anything to do with it. He loves to splash, drink & kick the water.
*Eats really well. I weaned him about a month ago and he's done really well on formula with minimal stomach issues. He eats any food that he can't choke on (besides seafood, honey & peanut butter). The messier the better in his opinion. Needless to say I am constantly picking up cheerios, shredded cheese & pureed green beans from random locations!
*Loves to cuddle & has started reaching to be held when you walk in the room
*Smiles all the time & belly laughs when tickled