Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tiki Freaks

Last night was our annual Krewe of Chaos Mardi Gras ball. We celebrated with a Tiki theme & there was lots of fun had by all! It's so much fun to have a chance to get a new gown & dress up. Last year, JD & I were on the Royal Court for the Krewe, so we were presented as outgoing royalty (hence the sashes we are wearing in some of the pictures).

Friday, February 6, 2009

5 months old!

On January 28th, Will turned 5 months old...I know it's so cliche', but where has the time gone?! He is growing up so fast!!

At 5 months,
* Weighs 15 lbs. 6 oz, 25 inches long
* FINALLY sleeping through the night (most nights)
* Started eating cereal & slowly introducing solid foods
* Rolls over nonstop
* "Talks" nonstop (as I'm typing this, he sounds like an adorable screeching parrot!!)
* Flirts with anyone who gives him attention complete with sweet eyes & coos
* Antagonizes his sister by pulling her hair
We are so blessed to have 2 wonderful children. Each have very unique personalities & it's so fun to watch them interact.

Reno/Lake Tahoe

The last week in January, my parents invited us to tag along with them to Reno, NV to the Safari Club International Show. My brother is an avid hunter and wanted to go to this convention to see all of the vendors. We readily jumped on board and even talked them into staying a few extra days so JD & I could ski in Lake Tahoe. This was the first trip back to Tahoe since our wedding there 3 1/2 years ago. It was so magical to see the sights and reminisce about the day we became united in marriage. Here is a picture of us at the place we got married. In the summer time there is a large deck, but it's obviously covered in snow.

Our trip wasn't without its share of unexpected turbulence. Anna Kate started running fever the night before we left and it continued 5 of the 7 days of our trip. Will started acting a little congested, so we ended up taking both of them to Tahoe Urgent Care to get checked out. We discovered 3 of their 4 ears were infected, both throats were red, both had runny noses. So a round of antibiotics later, they are better.

One of my Dad's friends also joined us on the trip. On the second morning of our trip, Mr. Adams woke up with chest pains & was brought to the hospital. It was discovered he probaly got food poisoning & he ended up being med-evac'ed back to Houston.

My brother, Mom & another guy on the trip also came down with varying illnesses while on the trip. So health was not in our favor for the vacation. However, everyone is well now & we were still blessed with a wonderful vacation. JD & I had a wonderful time skiing, just the two of us. We hadn't had a chance to spend that much time together without kids, to have great conversation. I will cherish the moments we spent sipping hot chocolate, gazing at the beautiful lake, watching the snow fall and enjoying each others company. Great times!

Life Groups

In the fall, our church implemented a new program called Life Groups. They consist of small groups who meet at someone's home every Sunday night instead of having "regular church." JD stepped up and agreed to lead a group. In the few months that they have been underway, I have seen a huge growth in our group as well as the individuals. Our group has already been through many trials and celebrations together with lots of laughs & tears shared. One exciting dynamic of our life group is that almost everyone has had a baby born within the past year. It has been so much fun to seek them grow and develop into their own unique personality. Until earlier this month, Will was the only boy (with 4 girls 1 & under). However, Jett is helping with the odds & Baby Edwards will almost even it up when he arrives this summer.

Will has embraced his male role head out by turning into quite a flirt lately. He has on more than one occasion held hands with two girls at one time & has mastered the art of "sweet eyes." I totally understand what has been said about a boy having a special place in their mommy's heart :)

Deer Hunting

A couple weeks ago JD got invited to go to Mississippi with my Dad & brother to go hunting. JD isn't a big hunter, but he's never been known to turn down a free trip. He came home with a great 8 point & my freezer is now full of ground meat & sausage...YUMM!!

Fancy Nancy Party

As I've mentioned in previous posts, Anna Katharine LOVES to dress up. The Sparklier, poofier, "princessier" the better! Almost every day Anna Katharine insists on dressing herself usually consisting of a dress, high heeled shoes & lipstick. Boy I'm going to have my hands full when she turns 16!!

A couple weeks ago her best friend Camille ("my girl" or "KK") had a Fancy Nancy birthday party. Anna Kate was in heaven since I actually let her out of the house in one of her ensembles. The Mom's had just as much fun as the girls playing in the makeup & being "fancy!" Having a girl is so much fun!!