Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's been a while!

I feel like I've fallen off the face of the blog world! I guess I've been using facebook to post pictures & updates lately, but I do miss my blog. I feel like the blog allows you to share even more details and personal tidbits than I feel comfortable with on facebook.

So since I haven't posted since May, I'll give a recap of what's been going on in the Hankins house. We had a really great summer. It started out with the annual Hankins/Kenny family reunion at The Woodlands Resort. Anna Kate & Will had so much fun with cousins Addison, Gavin & Gaege hanging out by/in the pool for hours, watching movies on the giant outdoor screen, eating lots of junk food & drinking pretty drinks with umbrellas! We wish we got to see our San Antonio cousins more often & are already looking forward to Christmas in Marlin!

The Day we got back was Anna Kate's first ballet recital. She was a butterfly & did a great job (especially considering she missed the rehearsal due to the family reunion).

The following week our church had Vacation Bible School. Our theme was "Jungle Journey" & it was a record attendance this year! Anna Kate did really well staying with her class and Will got to hang out in the nursery while I volunteered with crafts. We are blessed to have a wonderful church family that is full of young families for our children to grow up with.
After VBS, Anna Kate attended Einstein Art Camp with her good friend Sarah. I was pleasently surprised with Anna Kate's creations. She did a great rendition of George Rodrigue's "Blue Dog" as well as a self-portrait that was surprisingly very good. Apparently she got her talent from someone besides her mother!

We wrapped up the month of June with JD & I celebrating 5 years of marriage! This occasion deserves it's own post! My wonderful husband took me on a 10 day celebration to the Carribean sans kids!! It was quite a feat to pull off childcare for that long, but it was a much needed relaxing, rejuvenating, fabulous week!!! Stay tuned for a detailed post about our trip!

After we got back from our trip, I had a minor surgery. I've always had chronic ear infections which has resulted in hearing loss. After a hearing test and visit with Dr. D it was decided that putting tubes in my ears may relieve some of the pressure and help with the hearing. So I joined the host of 2 year olds & had tubes put in my ears!! It seems that the tubes are helping as I do think I am hearing better.

We had a 2nd annual trip with friends to our ranch in Nacogdoches, Texas. This year five families came along for the fun. We had 9 kids 10 & under and they had a ball riding four wheelers, fishing, drinking grapefruit highballs at San Augustine drug store, playing board games, etc. The parents had fun having a chance for the kids to run & play while we got to visit and enjoy adult conversation until 2 am! We are so blessed to have wonderful friends!

Well those are just some of the highlights of our summer. There were plenty of afternoons in the pool, trips to the Snow Cone stand, boating on the river, birthday parties, swimming lessons, blueberry picking & overall Summer Fun!!