Friday, July 25, 2008

5 weeks or less!!

We went for my 35 week doctor appointment & everything is looking good. My doctor checked me since I've been having a lot of Braxton-Hicks contractions. He said baby William is still high & cozy and he isn't expecting him to drop for another week or week and a half. I'm now going to the doctor every week, so we'll see if any progress is made next Friday.

I have mixed emotions about being this far along. I can't wait to meet & hold our little bundle. However, I'm nervous about labor, having 2 babies to take care of, severe lack of sleep, etc. I'm glad we still have a couple weeks to prepare for his arrival!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

First Dentist Appointment

Yesterday Anna Katharine had her first dentist appointment and it went quite well. I was apprehensive about how it would go since I inadvertently scheduled the appointment during her usual nap time. However, she really enjoyed Dr. Grimball's waiting room. He had a "boat" that the kids could climb on and read books.

She cooperated fairly well...she didn't want to open her mouth, but she also didn't try biting the dentist which is always a plus! She finished off the appointment with a balloon and a ring from the treasure chest. So overall, I would say our first dentist appointment was a success!

Tommorrow I have my 35 week doctor appointment! I don't think he'll start checking my progress until next week, so it'll probably be a pretty uneventful appointment.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Welcome to the Blogging World-Take 2

Well this is my second attempt at keeping the world updated on the happenings around the Hankins household. My first attempt was rather futile as it has now been almost 2 years since I posted anything. However, I have good intentions to be more faithful this time around.

So..what's new...Well in case you don't know we are expecting a baby boy. We've chosen the name William Rhodes Hankins. William is JD's Dad's middle name & Rhodes is my maiden name. His due date is August 29th (only 5 1/2 more weeks!) We still have a lot to get ready for his arrival including painting & setting up his bed, washing baby clothes, digging out all the baby gear from the attic, etc.

Anna Katharine seems to be excited at the prospect of a new addition, but I'm not fully convinced that she understands the magnitude of his presence. However, she was so adorable and sweet tonight. On her own accord she came up & started rubbing my belly then I let her rub some lotion on my belly. She had the biggest smile as we were talking about how she was "loving on" baby Will. We love our little girl!

Here's a parting shot of our silly little girl on our recent vacation in Colorado. We visited the Olympic Training Facility in Colorado Springs and she had the best time running around acting like the soccer ball was her hat! We decided the picture will be famous when she's a member of the Olympic soccer team one day!!